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Frequently Asked Questions


 01  How much do you charge?

Our initial meeting with you is free; the intention of which is to learn more about your business, establish our credibility with you and understand your opportunities. Typically our commercial rate is appropriate to the service we are providing. Sometimes it may be a fixed fee for a given project. Our experience is that you can quickly recover our costs through the impact we make on your business.




 02  Why would I use you?

Most of Portofino's associates continue to work in their respective fields. Not only does this mean that they are continually adding to their own skill sets, but also it means that they are not looking to consulting jobs for their wages. With time and reputations being precious, every associate is selective about only accepting projects where they can maximize their time and deliver a significant value. And when they are done they are done and not hovering around trying to tap you for another project.




 03  Will I own the materials provided to me?

Generally, our materials have been developed over an extended period of time and represent an important part of our business assets. In most cases, we retain ownership of these materials, unless we specify otherwise in our agreement with you. 




 04  Will engaging Portofino disrupt my company?

No. Portofino's consultants will work independently. He/she will act as an employee of the company (of course under the terms of the engagement). Our consultants and experienced and therefore will make sure that the workforce, senior management and junior management are aware of what they are doing and with sensitivity as required.




 05  How is the scope of a consulting project determined?

Depending on the business goals, challenges and size of the organization, a project scope is typically determined during the initial consultation sessions. For complex challenges, we typically recommend an assessment phase at the beginning of the project followed by an iterative process to agree scope, deliverables and terms.

This ensures that we prioritize correctly.

 06  How do we get the most value from our engagement with Portofino and Associates?

  • Have a very clear idea of your expected outcomes. It is often best to prepare this in conjunction with us.

  • Be open about potential issues we might encounter, such as marketplace disruption; competitive threats; aging infrastructure; misaligned managers.

  • Be open to challenges presented by Portofino. 

  • Commit to spending time with Portofino associates at key milestones. This ensures expectations are being met and always aligned through an open feedback and guidance loop.

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