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Welcome to Portofino & Associates


Portofino & Associates leverages a diverse group of professionals to bring your business the tools you need when you need them.

By delivering a full set of world class resources Portofino is set far apart from the one-man consultant. And, the associate model offers a full menu of proven skill sets without the costs or the agenda of a large consultant firm.

“I’ve aligned a group of the brightest people I have worked with…The model is unique, proven and results-driven. We refer to it as the anti-consultant model.”

Diwa Ratnam

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Analyzing the data
Brand Development
  • Brand and Intellectual Property Development

  • Brand and Trademark Strategies

  • IP Strategic Development

  • Patent Busting

  • Patent Searches

  • Patent Strategies

Business Analysis


  • Brand Analysis and Valuation

  • Business Structure Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • P&L Analysis

Business Strategies


  • Brand Strategies

  • Business Development

  • Corporate Strategic Development

  • Emotional Design

  • Market Segment Strategies

  • New Business Strategies

  • Product Line Strategies

Reading Newspaper
Hand Holding Color Swatches
Tube Lights
CEO Tools


  • A Safe Place to Talk 

  • Hiring and Firing 

  • Investor Relations 

  • Succession Planning

Marketing Communications


  • Conventions Planning

  • Digital and Interactive Tools

  • Launch Plan

  • Literature Development

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Media Planning & Placement

  • Photography & Video

  • Production Services

  • Public Relations

  • Web Strategies & Developmen

Product Development


  • Product Development

  • Design Language

  • Development and Launch Planning

  • Focus Groups

  • Patent and IP Strategies

  • Product Concepting

  • Rapid Commercialization

  • Team Leadership

  • Product Testing



  • Employee and Department Valuations

  • Structure Analysis

  • Right-sizing




  • Competitive Research

  • Market Assessment and Research

  • New Opportunity Identification

  • Product Research

  • Voice of Customer



  • Direct and Distributed Models

  • Sales Structuring

  • Sales Strategies

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