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The Associates


Supporting Diwa Ratnam are a core group of Associates that provide focused account and project management for our clients and will act to coordinate the required resources from the Associates group.

Diwa Ratnam



Diwa Ratnam is the “driver” whether concept, race car or a classic he has the passion, experience and appreciation for every aspect of a vehicles design and performance, that is his personal passion, one which has carried over into his professional career.

Diwa will be the first to admit that many automotive analogies come out in strategic discussion for example “Every driver needs a great pit crew” That is where the associates he works with come in; understanding the pressure of competition, split second decisions and the skills required to win a race. It’s not just the technical capability, but the innate ability to know what needs to happen. They have been there and know the exhilaration of a high performance team, once you have had that experience the pursuit of that becomes central in all aspects of running a business.

Karen Calcaterra



Karen Calcaterra, M.A., Grant Specialist, is an experienced professional grantwriter with a high rate of success (over 90%) in receiving funded proposals.  In the past decade she has been awarded over 4 million dollars in grant funding for various projects, including top-ranked state and federal funding for multiyear programs. 

Colleen Canning

Black Belt


An experienced Executive, Colleen is an Internationally-recognized resource on Distribution and Business Development in Industrial and Commerical Markets. She specializes in leading organizations in Distribution and Sales Transformation to help build significant sales growth. A Six-Sigma Black Belt, she lead 3M's Global Sales Excellence Initiative.

Bradley Childs



Speak softly and know every possible detail and issue that might occur. Brad possesses unique business acumen, the ability to see, communicate, and solve complex problems.

Brads presence in a room while physically imposing at 6'11" is nothing compared to his equalizing abilities, bringing around a team, negotiating a contract or preparing a company for an alliance, sale or acquisition.

Tatjana Hutnyak



With a MBA in International Business, Tatjana has combined her multi-lingual skills with deep and detailed research to help provide fact-based trend and market analysis for businesses to use both in the US and global markets.

Neale Kant



Neale builds things to evolve and last. He held senior (CIO) technology positions at Global and regional levels. Most recently with Pepper Financial Services in the transition from private to public and then private again.

Neale architects complex technology solutions. He has led organization transformation in lending and payments across Digital Enterprise Architecture; Operating Model; Cloud Adoption; Information Security; Data and Advanced Analytics

Kendra Larimer



Driven by a yearning to learn more, Kendra knows and understands there is always something new to discover or tweak. Upon finding User Experience, Kendra found her place. As empathy is one of her strengths, she is constantly critiquing interface design and wording (regardless of her whereabouts) so the user can better reach their goal.

Dave LaRue



Dave is the CEO and owner of Baldwin Supply Company, an industrial distribution company that specializes in mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic parts, and provides additional associated services. Under Dave's leadership adn entrepreneurial flair, Baldwin Supply Company has become recognized often as a leader in the distribution industry. In 1921, Baldwin began as a single location in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and has grown to several locations throughout the Midwest. 

Dave has served as Chairman of the Board for the Independent Distributors Cooperative (IDC-USA). IDC-USA is a national purchasing, marketing, and selling cooperative representing over 260 independent distribution locations coast-to-coast and that number continues to grow.

Frank Perkins



Frank is a squash player, give him a confined space, rapid fire exchanges and fierce competition and he is right at home.

He works with the team to find the shortest distance between the objective and the goal. His work in sales and marketing has proven relentless in pursuit and achievement, just like his game.

Khaelen Ratnam



A skilled New Business Leader and Marketer with over 14 years of Fortune 100 background, Khalen brings his experience using analytics and critical thinking to drive Business Performance and results. His leadership in New Product Introductions, Competitive Analysis, Business Strategy, Marketing Direction, Portfolio Management and Customer Pricing have closed deals in excess of $1 billion.

Khaelen's work and client interactions have included HP, HP Enterprise, DHL, Nokia, RBS, Vodafone, Katan Technologies and Halford Automotive among others.

Mark Reeves

Trail Blazer


Mark Reeves is the rocket scientist, inventor, patent buster and boy scout He was the third US citizen certified as a TRIZ Specialist. All those skills together make Mark the trail blazer.

What that means is Mark is most often out in front many times on his own, taking clients’ direction to solve difficult design problems, find hidden sources of quality problems, strengthen patent applications, and circumvents competitor's patents.

Frances Russell



As a Franchise and multi-location specialist, Frances brings experience and solutions to clients by optimizing profitability through proven techniques for monitoring ordering efficiency, minimizing cost of goods, interpreting trends in sales, completing investigative work into sales trends, and developing solutions and promotional ideas.

Pam Rusten



Pam is visual and verbal, she likes to arrange things, in marketing she can see disparate parts of the organization and clarify an arrangement of strategies that become campaigns, brands and words teams live by and companies prosper from.


Think of music, rooms and flowers, when arranged properly they speak to order, design and emotion. She will always arrange around your customer and be sure you do too. Customer satisfaction is the cost of doing business; customer advocacy is the resonating sound of a great brand.


Bruce Warner



Bruce Warner holds a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from Luther College and is an expert in data driven client applications. He has helped clients, large and small, with complex database information mining and development of interactive marketing pieces, high-end speaker presentations, and prototyping cutting-edge tradeshow and marketing pieces.

Bruce Warner holds a BA in Computer Science and Mathematics from Luther College. After college he worked for Unisys for over 5 years as a systems programmer on a highly technical remote terminal emulation product. He left Unisys in 1989 to start Accompany Software Corporation. 


Programming capabilities include development of:

  • data driven client applications

  • algorithms for efficient complex multiple database queries

  • administrative tools for database manipulation by non-technical staff using the following tools: Visual Basic—client/server applications, T-SQL—database queries, ASP—web based server side language, Cold Fusion - web-based server-side language, JavaScript, XML and HTML

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